My Hockey Final…

Yes, I had to write a final for my hockey class… So, we are asked to write a great paper that is interesting and humorous about a time when we attended a hockey event. I will tell you, this has been the most hockey-fueled semester of my life. Aside from being an avid Mighty Ducks fan when I was a kid, (I later grew out of it… quack, quack, quack…) I have never really been that into hockey. About a year ago, a friend talked me into attending a drop-in event. I was a little leery, but, up to a challenge.

As we arrived to the ice, with modern-day giants stood looming over me, I took a moment to consider the options before me. On one hand, I could duck and cover and take the easy route and seriously avoid bodily harm, or, stand boldly, and go where no Spurlock has gone before–to the goal. I decided to go with the latter.

Side note…

For a few years, my family had season passes to Cottonwood Heights Rec Center. We went ice skating all the time, and I thought that my abilities where strong…

That was then, this is now…

So, as I paraded down the ice, waiting for the puck, it dawned on me that I have absolutely no hockey abilities, and that I would be better suited warming the bench or perhaps folding towels… As I smashed into the ice, and fell on my a$$, I gained a new found respect for nice thick pants.

Now a year later, and a semester of professional hockey lessons, I am feeling a little more comfortable on the ice, and the butt pads and cup that I got are really helping that out…

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